As a software professional with over 50 years of experience, I strongly endorse exposure to the ‘soft’ skills in software professionals. 50 years ago a single individual was all that was needed to produce valuable software. It now requires teams of individuals that need to work closely together. For any team respect, kindness, and collaboration are key attributes of individual team members. Now these attributes are even more important as we see diverse cultural backgrounds in team members. The work that Yasmine Clarke is doing in this area with young professionals will have a positive impact on working conditions for everyone.—Jeff McKenna Agile Software Development Mentor and Coach


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Learn Today’s Most In-Demand Technical Skills In A Real-World Google Digital Agency!

Bee2Bee Network, the first e-commerce digital training agency in the country is looking for young adults ages 14-25, adults and senior citizens looking to learn new skills to train in our digital agency in the areas of software and web development, internet marketing, internet broadcasting, social media and virtual reality. Personal hands-on training will be provided and NO experience needed!

Our Partnerships:

Bee2Bee Network.Org partners with industry technology leaders, local businesses and organizations which share our values and vision. Our hands-on programs ensure that our students are well prepared for the new 21st Century opportunities by expertly matching them with projects which will assist them in developing in-demand industry skills.


Program Goals: Provide paid work experience focusing on 21st century skills. Help people aged 14-25, especially girls and underserved youth, gain work experience. Increase students’ interest in technology. Diversify the technology talent pipeline by partnering with innovative technology firms. Offer technology partners opportunities to support and mentor rising talent. Allow new minds and fresh voices to influence the future of technology.

As part of our community service learning program, you will work in small Agile groups on real projects, gain real-world experience and build a solid resume as you learn. Find out if you qualify for free or affordable training based on need.


The Bee2Bee Network Is Currently Looking For Interns To Fill The Following Roles:
Social Media/Digital Marketing Intern for the B2b Virtual Guide Description: Forward-thinking, fast paced company looking to hire an intern with strong knowledge and understanding of the digital media landscape, including various social media websites. Company is currently redesigning our website, and will soon launch a new social media campaign. The intern for this position will need strong critical thinking skills in order to integrate into our vibrant and passionate team who are very excited to share this exciting launch with interns hoping to gain a ton of great online experience.
Responsibilities: Contribute to website redesign project in various ways including coding and standard updates. Monitor and post on blogs, forums, and social networks online outreach and promotion using Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more Website and social media optimization Keyword analysis Cost/benefit analysis Requirements Students applying for this internship should be Marketing/Business or Language majors, with 3 years of experience on the Web and a solid understanding of youth markets. Majors: Marketing, Business, Communications