The Bee2Bee Network provides a unique opportunity to our team members as we not only introduce and train our team on the latest technologies, but we also provide them with stipends for their participation on key projects after they have mastered their new skills.  When you work with the Bee2Beee Network to build your website or market your services, in addition to receiving the best service and  technical support,  you are providing our young professionals with valuable opportunities to learn, grow and develop their resumes.  Meet our interns and we welcome your support in helping each and every one achieves their personal and professional goals as members of the Bee2Bee Network.


Age: 14 years old
Career Goals: Journalism and Broadcasting, Marketing, Modeling and Acting.

My goal is to work for commercial and print companies. For all my life my dream has been to be on tv and on the big screen. I am very very determined to reach my goals and dreams and will do anything to achieve them. Coding and technology will help me with these goals because it will help my marketing and acting career grow. These days almost everything is built around technology and with these skills I can build on everything I'm working to.


Age: 16
Career Path: Model, Actor, Veterinarian, Software Developer

I believe that being open to working with technology could create more opportunities for future jobs which may be available.


Age: 22
Career Path: Actor, Model, Movie Director, Software Developer


Career Path: Model, Actreess, Software Developer


Career Goals: Model, Actress, Fashion Business Entrepreneur 

The B2B Network can help me by teaching me how to market my business.


Career Goals: Car Mechanics and Customizations.

The Bee2Bee Network program will help me improve my graphic design skills.  I would like to build an online preview to illustrate how a car will look after my work.


Career Goals: Actress, Singing, Fashion.

The Bee2Bee Network will help me further these goals.  I believe that with more experience and skills, I can use those skills to acquire more opportunities.  Becoming more technically educated will help me with a multitude of careers even outside of acting.