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According to a Deloitte study, Digital influences more than $1 trillion in retail store sales. Digital shoppers purchase at a 40 percent higher rate in-store; 84 percent reach for devices before or during store visits. The B2b Virtual Guide serves as a compliment to your existing website, online ad campaign or social media campaign. We simply actively find and refer online users which may be interested in your company’s products or services literally to your front door! 24/7! Our innovative online advertising PPC platform will save your business significant advertising dollars and you will experience positive SEO benefits simply by becoming a member of the B2b Virtual Guide.  Let us guide customers to your front door.


A Few Reasons Why The B2b Virtual Guide Is The #1 Online Shopping Tool Which Will HelpYou Find New Clients. 


100% TAX FREE.  When you shop using the B2b Virtual Guide you are giving back to students which are in need of our program.  The Bee2Bee Network is a registered 501(c)(3) organization- Tax ID#: 45-5535928, therefore your purchases are 100% Tax Free!   So Shop, Save and give the gift which will keep giving.

FREE SHIPPING.  All purchases on our site include Free shipping and Insurance for items over $1,000.00

GUARANTEED BEST PRICE – Our participating merchants will honor an additional discount when you shop directly with us.   

The Internet never closes.Your can shop anytime online 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Online stores never close, so your clients never have to worry about making time to go to the store. Online shopping is perfect for night owls or anyone who is just too busy to make a trip to the store.

Shop any store worldwide. Never again be limited geographically. Many merchants do not have physical stores in every state, and certainly not in every country. When you shop online, you can browse through stores around the block or around the globe! Discover amazing new items from exotic places that you perhaps have never even heard of before.

Stay Green and save valuable time.  Even a five minute trip to your local mall can turn into a fifteen minute excursion if the parking lot is crowded. While even that may not seem like a lot, think of how many times you visit stores during the week. With all of that extra gas, you could go on a long road trip! Save time too by shopping from home. No need to take the time to get ready, drive, park, and walk around to browse.

Organizing your finances is easy. You won’t have to worry about misplacing receipts ever again when you shop online. Since everything is done electronically, all records of your transactions are emailed directly to your inbox. Your house will no longer be cluttered with piles of receipts. Plus, you’re helping out the environment by going paperless!

Pay with a credit card safely, even to small merchants. Using credit cards to pay is easy, but sometimes your favorite small merchants or artisans can’t accept them. When you shop online, many dealers both big and small use PayPal. PayPal is a website that lets you create an account for free. You simply enter in your information, and they act as a middleman when you make payments so merchants can’t see your information. Shopping this way is safe, and you will always be able to pay for the great products you want!

Always find the best deals with the B2b Virtual Guide.  Don’t waste time clipping coupons!  Comparison shopping no longer means driving from store to store or flipping through many different ads.  The B2b Virtual Guide’s participating merchants will give you an additional discount when you mention the B2b Virtual Guide in store or online.

No more waiting in line and pushing through crowds. Malls and retail stores can be chaotic, especially during a big sale or a holiday season. Don’t stress yourself out, just shop from home! You’ll never have to stand in a long checkout line or weave your way through crowds just to get the items you want. Shop online and you can stay in the comfort of your own home.

Find items you might not see in stores. Using the B2b Virtual Guide, you get the best of both worlds.  Since brick and mortar stores are limited on space, merchants usually don’t carry all of the items they sell in store.  Using the B2b Virtual Guide, you get the best of both worlds, you can view the store items and  their entire inventory, along with many choices of colors, styles, and even customization options.

Ship your gifts directly. When you order online, you can send gifts or even have gift baskets delivered directly to their recipient. This means you can avoid long waits at the post office and you can get your gift delivered faster.  Many stores listed within the B2b Virtual Guide  even offer customized cards and gift wrapping to go along with your present.

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A Philanthropic Mission

The B2b Virtual Guide was created and built with a technology grant from Google and the sponsorship of all local supporting businesses from Miami to Orlando.  The Guide’s net operating income will endow the Bee2Bee Network Internship Program.

Join the B2b Virtual Guide Today and sponsor a young adult as they learn, earn and build a bright future.  855-233-2331.