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The B2b Virtual Guide was created and built by the Bee2Bee Network with a technology grant from Google and the assistance of local supporting businesses. The B2b Virtual Guide’s net operating income will endow the Bee2Bee Network Internship Program. Join the B2b Virtual Guide Today and sponsor a young adult as he or she learn, earn and build a bright future.


Age: 14 years old
Career Goals: Journalism and Broadcasting, Marketing, Modeling and Acting.

My goal is to work for commercial and print companies. For all my life my dream has been to be on tv and on the big screen. I am very very determined to reach my goals and dreams and will do anything to achieve them. Coding and technology will help me with these goals because it will help my marketing and acting career grow. These days almost everything is built around technology and with these skills I can build on everything I'm working to.


Age: 16
Career Path: Model, Actor, Veterinarian, Software Developer

I believe that being open to working with technology could create more opportunities for future jobs which may be available.


Age: 22
Career Path: Actor, Model, Movie Director, Software Developer


Career Path: Model, Actreess, Software Developer


Career Goals: Model, Actress, Fashion Business Entrepreneur 

The B2B Network can help me by teaching me how to market my business.


Career Goals: Car Mechanics and Customizations.

The Bee2Bee Network program will help me improve my graphic design skills.  I would like to build an online preview to illustrate how a car will look after my work.


Career Goals: Actress, Singing, Fashion.

The Bee2Bee Network will help me further these goals.  I believe that with more experience and skills, I can use those skills to acquire more opportunities.  Becoming more technically educated will help me with a multitude of careers even outside of acting.

Listen To What Industry Experts Have To Say About The Opportunity Outlook for Virtual Reality Why? The U.S. Department of Labor projects that by 2020, there will be 1.4 million job openings in Tech. Yet only 29% of these jobs will be filled. Web Development is one of the fastest growing careers in today’s economy with a projected 20% growth rate by 2022.* Web developers earn a median salary of $63,000 and up to $110,000 per year.* “Some of our program participants have gone on to create their own companies in as little as 14 weeks in our program and some, before they graduate from high school. We produce results!“ – Yasmine Clarke, Founder of Bee2Bee Network The Bee2Bee Network Since 2011, the Bee2Bee Network has provided year-round industry training and internships in Web Development, Coding, Social Media Marketing/Internet Broadcasting and Agile Software Development at no cost to participating students and their families. The Network’s program was designed to help young adults develop the skills and network needed to transition into and capitalize on these high-demand career paths. Our signature approach is to provide real-world, hands-on project based training and internships which will introduce and prepare young adults and low-income young adults for 21st Century in-demand STEM and STEAM based career opportunities in the technology industry and complementing technology sectors. *Bureau of Labor Statistics, http://money.usnews.com/careers/bestjobs/web-develper/salary Summer/Fall 2016-2017 Project Vision Project Name: The B2b Virtual Guide Mobile VRG Application Beginning the Summer of 2016, the Bee2Bee Network will launch the design and development of the new B2b Mobile VRG Application. The project will be in collaboration with technology partners such as Google, Unity, Samsung, Qlik and Adobe. In addition, this project will also connect student participants to local participating businesses within their communities which are in need of help in establishing and promoting their online/offline presence. Project Outcomes

  • Students will participate in an open demonstration of new skill-sets to the business community including Product Owners, Business Owners and Parents are all invited and encouraged to attend.
  • Participating students will demonstrate their new skill-sets and project outcomes after the third week of the program and on the last day of the program. In addition, the B2b Virtual Guide will reflect the work of each student.

Business Value For the Cities of Orlando, West Palm Beach, Jupiter and Miami: The B2b Virtual Guide Project will provide online users including locals and future visitors to the Orlando, West Palm Beach, Jupiter and Miami area and from around the world with the opportunity to virtually transport themselves to any of these locations and beyond as they are virtually immersed in the experience of each city’s attractions and local businesses online and via the new Oculus VR. In addition, the application will also provide e-commerce options for business owners to generate additional revenue. Fundraising For The Program The Bee2Bee Network is currently fundraising to build our new Technology & Arts Center as we extend our program locally, nationally and globally. Our goal is to raise $11M to cover our new Technology & Arts Center which will serve surrounding Orlando communities such as Windermere, Metrowest, Dr. Phillips and beyond. A donation to our program will give our organization the opportunity to further establish our program across Florida and the United States as we rally the business community around our project thereby ensuring that our program will have the sustainable resources to grow. Why? Today’s high school and college age youth, faced with decisions about a future career, often lack the knowledge, skills and confidence to identify work opportunities that will result in their development as a professional or a path to a lucrative and rewarding career. At the same time, many young people embarking on careers in the 21st century could find success in interesting jobs that require their understanding of the essential role of communication and electronic technologies in the workplace as well as how they function. This is especially true because current and emerging technologies, including a diversity of social media and virtual reality modalities, will continue to affect every industry, job and employee in the contemporary world of work. Currently headquartered in Orlando, Florida, the Bee2Bee Network was conceived and founded in 2011 in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida to bridge the gap between unfilled/outsourced technology opportunities and the many aspiring, employable young people in the country. As a non-profit organization with a global reach, the Bee2Bee Network prepares young men and women, ages 14-25, for careers in the software industry. The Network recruits students and graduates who want satisfying employment and have the desire, capabilities and interest for work that involves technology. The key requirements to become a member of the Bee2Bee Network are ambition to improve one’s life, willingness to give back to the community, and the ability to demonstrate persistence and determination in the pursuit of personal and professional development. Our Vision: Our vision is to secure the position of the Bee2Bee Network as the first and premier successful educational internship/apprenticeship program of it’s kind for Web Development and Agile/Lean Software Development in the country and globally. Strategy and Program: The Network‘s educational approach utilizes the Agile Software Development Methodology, a groundbreaking approach that prepares young men and women for careers in the software industry by combining direct instruction, lab experience, an internship and a mentor relationship. The program is project-based and requires students to work in teams. Students are provided with laptops, the training software and other equipment and tools to work on real projects that have been secured by the Network with local businesses. Lectures from industry experts supplement the instructional materials. Students graduate from the program with industry certification and/or college or high school credit. The Network offers students real-world work experiences after training them in the latest technologies by enabling them to simulate the work experience within a start-up/lab environment characterized by on-the-job demands, expectations, and requirements. Students are assigned to teams to work on actual projects secured by the Network from local businesses. This active partnership with the business community provides a steady portfolio of work that Network students are assigned to complete. The business partners are carefully selected; their core values and business practices need to resonate with the values promoted to Network students. Community client partners have included The Ritz- Carlton, Jupiter, Bice Restaurant at Loews Portofino Bay Hotel, and Whole Foods Market – Please see list below. From revamping the website for the Mayor of Rivera Beach, Florida to engineering an innovative social media/virtual reality product featuring the first virtual mall in the country – B2bVirtualGuide.com, the Bee2Bee Network, in effect, serves the business community as a fully functional software enterprise and talent resource in addition to helping companies re-purpose entry-level opportunities for high school and college graduates. Upon project completion, students may be offered internships with partnering companies at the very least, or entry-level job opportunities at best. This collaboration is clearly a “win-win”: young people readied for employment are given opportunities to build their individual resumes and portfolios with real world experience and improve their craft at the same time that they serve their communities by helping small businesses to upgrade their technologies with the latest innovations. An important component of the program is to provide students opportunities to be creative, to “think out of the box”, and to use their imaginations to problem solve. All students work on projects that require the invention of new software and technology supports. These projects are extremely challenging and require the students to remain open minded, learn to recover from mistakes, appreciate the value of trial and error, develop a respect for serendipity in the discovery process, and have confidence in one’s instincts. Finally, the program aims to imbue its students with an entrepreneurial spirit so they can identify opportunities in the workplace, improve employee performance or business sustainability, and utilize their skills to bring about change personally and professionally. Educational Philosophy and Instructional Approach “Doing Good Is Good Business” informs the philosophical underpinnings for the educational program of Bee2Bee Network. The training is facilitated by an experienced software developer/project manager called an Agile Coach or Scrum Master, but the students are encouraged to take initiative, act independently and responsibly, be accountable for results, cooperate and collaborate on shared tasks, appreciate the contribution of diverse perspectives, and develop the management and communication skills that ensure effective and efficient results. As they work on projects, the students are given a great deal of autonomy and latitude to make their own decisions. They may choose to handle a project by working at home or going to a team on site. They participate in all phases of a project’s lifecycle beginning with the bidding/commitment process with potential clients, through the budgeting and project development period, and concluding with the “Demo” of the finished product for the client. The teaching and learning environment at Bee2Bee Network especially encourages each student to recognize and appreciate his or her own special talents and strengths, and to have confidence in their own opinions and choices. The training also prepares students with the understandings, attitudes and behaviors required for success in the work place: the necessity for timely performance, the need for a trusting relationship with colleagues, the benefits of being a good listener, a willingness to identify one’s weaknesses, learn from others and the need for transparency and respect for authority. Furthermore, the training educates students to understand the opportunities and challenges that continue to emerge in this globally connected and fast changing world. As importantly, students are taught the value of social responsibility by being a good citizen and productive worker who contributes to the well being of society. The educational program also teaches students about best practices in the industry and the codes of ethics that guide employee behaviors including using social media responsibly. Industry Recognition & Certification The Bee2Bee Network continues to gain industry approval from successful, high-profile business partners such as Google, Microsoft, Samsung, Unity, and Qlik. The Bee2Bee Network’s vision is to continue establishing itself as the first and premier internship/apprentice program for Agile/Lean Software development in the country and ultimately the world. Our Team The Bee2Bee Network is also a consortium of resident, volunteer or visiting, accomplished industry professionals which are hand-picked and uniquely qualified to make a practical, lasting and positive impact on the lives of young adults. As a team, we are committed to serving to clarify and align each individual student participant with the new and in-demand industry opportunities based on his or her innate talents, passions, and interests. 1. Dr. Neen Hunt, Lead Consultant 2. Kathleen Lee, Former Teacher, Microsoft School of the Future, PA 3. Rhonda Dillon, MBA, Project Manager Professional 4. Mark McCray, Lead Media Consultant – Operations Manager/Program Director at Radio One Dallas 5. Hubert Smits – Management Consultant